Looking for a reliable and efficient ship chandler Constanta? LIMANi Supply Group is your ideal partner in ship supplies. With over 20 years of experience in ship supply and logistics, we are one of the leading ship chandlers in Europe and offer a comprehensive range of services to the port of Constanta

As your one-stop-shop for ship supplies, we are renowned for our premium inventory, competitive prices, and cutting-edge approach to logistics. Our recently established warehousing in Bucharest allows us to finally provide our services in Constanta. When you choose LIMANi Supply as your ship chandler Constanta, you can count on personalised and dedicated service from our team.

We stock over 15,000 high-quality maritime items in our distribution hubs located around Europe, and we also offer spare parts made by manufacturers from around the world. So whether you need spare parts or deck, engine, and cabin consumables, we got you covered as your trusted ship chandler Constanta. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help meet your ship supply needs..

Quick Customer Service

Quick Customer Service

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24 Hours Quotation Guarantee

Contact us at the bottom of this page and our team will respond with a quotation within 24 hours – guaranteed!

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We can supply your vessel in port Constanta within 3-5 working day with budget-optimized delivery

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LIMANi Supply Group offers a wide range of deck, engine and cabin consumables as ship chandler Constanta. More than 15.000 different Maritime articles are currently stocked in strategically located distribution centers.

As ship chandler Constanta, we understand the importance of communication when it comes to supplying your vessel. This is why we offer unique customer service with a team of maritime professionals who are always happy to help you find a solution or answer your question. Our team combined speaks a total of 10 languages, including Romanian, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, and more…

After your order confirmation we also strive to keep you updated every step of the way through our online portal where you can see all of your quotations, recent vessel schedules, stage updates, packing information, and invoicing – all in one location. Furthermore, all your packages & pallets are provided with a unique QR code that allows you to check your items easily.

LIMANi is the next generation of Ship Chandler Constanta.


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LIMANi Ship Chandler Constanta is also a reputable logistics company that operates across Europe, delivering quality products at quality prices. Our trucks traverse our extensive warehousing network and make stops at various ports along the way. We are excited that we have recently expanded our operations in Romania, establishing new partnerships and warehousing facilities in Bucharest. As a result, we can now supply as ship chandler Constanta

However, as a ship chandler Constanta, we want to assure you that our commitment to quality remains unwavering. Depending on your request, we may have to transfer products from our other warehouse facilities to Romania to ensure that we deliver the highest quality goods at all times. This might result in a delivery slightly longer delivery time (up to 4 days)

Despite this, our dedicated logistics department will ensure that your delivery is smooth sailing. We take budget control seriously and strive to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients. At LIMANi Ship Chandler Constanta, we believe that delivering quality products at quality prices is not just a promise, but a guarantee.


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Our advanced AI Software provides daily updates about your vessel prospects. Just login to your portal and see the latest information and updates about the delivery status of your orders.



We have 15.000 good quality Maritime articles from the shelve. This makes us fast and reliable. Our people are well trained to provide you solutions to all your technical and logistic queries.



We are more than just a Ship chandler Constanta, we are your complete Supply Chain Partner! Our staff will furfill all your logistics demands.

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The Port of Constanța is located in Constanța, Romania, on the western coast of the Black Sea, 179 nautical miles (332 km) from the Bosphorus Strait and 85 nmi (157 km) from the Sulina Branch, through which the Danube river flows into the sea. It covers 3,926 ha (9,700 acres), of which 1,313 ha (3,240 acres) is land and the rest, 2,613 ha (6,460 acres) is water. The two breakwaters located northwards and southwards shelter the port, creating the safest conditions for port activities. The present length of the north breakwater is 8,344 m (5.185 mi) and the south breakwater is 5,560 m (3.45 mi). The Port of Constanța is the largest on the Black Sea and the 17th largest in Europe.

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