Looking for a ship chandler to meet your vessel’s needs in Gibraltar? Look no further than LIMANi! As your ideal business partner, we not only ensure swift supply to your ship but also possess the expertise to fulfill any custom product requirements through our distribution centers.

Headquartered in Madrid, LIMANi Supply Group stands out as a distinctive blend of a ship chandler and a logistics company. With strategically located distribution centers housing over 15,000 maritime articles, we surpass delivery expectations and provide top-notch products at fair and competitive prices for Gibraltar ship chandling.

With over 23 years of experience in serving as ship chandler Gibraltar our full-service ship supply is unparalleled in quality and service. Receive your quotation guaranteed within 24 hours. Contact us now!

Quick Customer Service

Quick Customer Service

Reach us from 08:00 – 20:00 every day of the week – even the weekends

24 Hours Quotation Guarantee

24 Hours Quotation Guarantee

Contact us at the bottom of this page and our team will respond with a quotation within 24 hours – guaranteed!

72 Hours Delivery Barcelona

72 Hours Delivery Gibraltar

We can supply your ship in port Gibraltar within 3 working days

Call us now: +34 91 9011 849

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LIMANi Supply Group offers a wide range of deck, engine, cabin consumables and Provisions as ship chandler Gibraltar.

LIMANi Supply Group is an innovative ship chandler Gibraltar and logistics company that leverages cutting-edge AI Systems to streamline the ordering process for you and your crew.

With our strategically positioned distribution center near Gibraltar, we currently stock over 15,000 maritime articles as ship chandler Gibraltar. This extensive inventory allows us to surpass expectations by offering top-notch products at reasonable and equitable prices.

Experience the convenience of our unique QR system and online portal, where you can access your quotations, stay updated on the latest vessel schedule, track progress updates, and view invoices. Follow your order every step of the way!

LIMANi Supply Group represents the future as ship chandler Gibraltar, setting new standards in the industry.


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Outsource Custom Items port Gibraltar

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We cover all major ports around Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Poland and United Kingdom.

For more than 20 years, LIMANi Ship Chandler has been providing services to port Gibraltar, establishing strong and effective local partnerships along the journey.

Our extensive knowledge enables us to maximize the potential of our distribution network in Madrid & Gibraltar, allowing us to efficiently deliver supplies as ship chandler Gibraltar with speed and precision.

We prioritize the seamless operation of supplying ships, employing cutting-edge techniques and our proprietary software to ensure safety and punctuality.

Throughout our well-defined purchasing and transportation procedures, we place great emphasis on on-site quality control, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.

LIMANi Ship Chandler Gibraltar, we get it done.

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at your service!



Our advanced AI Software provides daily updates about your vessel prospects. Just login to your portal and see the latest information and updates about the delivery status of your orders.



We have 15.000 good quality Maritime articles from the shelve. This makes us fast and reliable. Our people are well trained to provide you solutions to all your technical and logistic queries.



We are more than just a Ship chandler Gibraltar, we are your complete Supply Chain Partner! Our staff will furfill all your logistics demands.

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The Gibraltar Port Authority’s strategy is to build on Gibraltars unique geographical position and fiscal status and provide a vital link between all stakeholders, to ensure a cohesive strategy aimed at achieving common goals in developing and improving the competitiveness and safe operation of the Port of Gibraltar.

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