The LIMANi Supply Group is your port Hamburg business partner for ship supplies. The company is headquartered in Madrid and an international specialist in full-service ship supplies as ship chandler Hamburg. With over twenty years of experience in ship supply chain and logistics, LIMANi is a leader in the field.

Through reimagined logistics, quality products, and technical know-how, the company has become one of the leading companies in the shipping industry for delivering exceptional order-handling experiences. We take all the work off your plate at LIMANi ship chandler Hamburg!

With its own product assortment, advanced logistics software, and local expertise around all of Europe’s major ports, LIMANi ship chandler Hamburg is the ideal business partner to handle all your needs and requirements.

Quick Customer Service

Quick Customer Service

Reach us from 08:00 – 20:00 every day of the week – even the weekends

24 Hours Quotation Guarantee

24 Hours Quotation Guarantee

Contact us at the bottom of this page and our team will respond with a quotation within 24 hours – guaranteed!

72 Hours Delivery Barcelona

72 Hours Delivery Hamburg

We can supply your ship in port Hamburg within 3 working days

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LIMANi Supply Group offers a wide range of deck, engine and cabin consumables as ship chandler Hamburg. More than 15.000 different Maritime articles are currently stocked in strategically located distribution centers.

We are a unique combination of ship chandler and logistics company. Next to offering a full range of provisions & deck, engine, and cabin consumables, we also offer spare parts from world wide makers as ship chandler Hamburg.

LIMANi Supply Group embraces the values of what a traditional ship chandler should represent while also making big steps towards digitalization in ways that simplifies ship supply for all. We work with a industry-leading online portal that allows you to follow your order every step of the supply chain – see your quotations, latest vessel schedule, stage updates, and invoices all in one location.

Besides our own products we have the skills and technical know-how to outsource any custom product locally as ship chandler Hamburg around our distribution centers.


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Supplied Vessels

We cover all major ports around Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Poland and United Kingdom.

Our trucks move daily across Europe supplying vessels in 115+ ports. Through powerful and effective partnerships in and around port Hamburg, we’re able to supply your vessel within 3 days as ship chandler Hamburg. 

After more than 20 years of experience in ship supply, the reach of LIMANi has become enormous. As a result of our considerable experience and local knowledge, we are able to make the best use of outgoing transit options and successfully manage logistical budgets.

LIMANi Supply Group is the first choice in ship supply among many Captains, Ship owners, Engineers, and Crew. LIMANi Ship Chandler Hamburg, next-gen ship supplier.


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Our advanced AI Software provides daily updates about your vessel prospects. Just login to your portal and see the latest information and updates about the delivery status of your orders.



We have 15.000 good quality Maritime articles from the shelve. This makes us fast and reliable. Our people are well trained to provide you solutions to all your technical and logistic queries.



We are more than just a Ship chandler Hamburg, we are your complete Supply Chain Partner! Our staff will furfill all your logistics demands.

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Around 8,000 ship calls per year, almost 300 berths and a total of 43 kilometers of quay for seagoing vessels, more than 2,300 freight trains per week, four state-of-the-art container terminals, three cruise terminals and around 50 facilities specialized in handling roro and breakbulk and all kinds of bulk cargoes, along with about 7,300 logistics companies within the city limits – these are just a few of the factors making the Port of Hamburg to one of the world’s most flexible, high-performance universal ports.

136.6 million tons of cargo crossed the quay walls of Germany’s largest seaport in 2019. That included around 9.3 million standard containers (TEU). Hamburg is accordingly the third largest container port in Europe and in the 17th place on the list of the world’s largest container ports. LIMANi ship chandler Hamburg has daily trucks around the port.

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