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Are you looking for a ship chandler can quickly deliver to most ports in Italy? LIMANi is your ideal business partner and one-stop shop in ship supplies!

With more than 20 years of ship supply and logistics experience, LIMANi Supply Group has emerged as one of the top ship chandlers in Europe and most recently extended its reach to all Italian ports.

The company is renowned for its premium inventory, competitve prices, and cutting-edge approach to logistics & ship supplies. Through recently formed relationships all Italian ports are now eligible for the services of LIMANi Supply Group with only 3 day delivery time. LIMANi ship Chandler Italy with personalized, dedicated service.

Most of our products are delivered directly from the more than 15,000 high-quality maritime items we stock in our distribution hubs located around Europe. In addition, we offer spare parts made by manufacturers around the world as ship chandler Italy

ship supply

Full Service Ship Supply

We supply all major ports in the Italy

spare parts

Technical Spare parts

We supply spare parts from world wide makers



Only the freshest produce & highest standards for meat


Logistics & 3RD Party Service

Road, Air, Ocean, Courier and Customs

Advanced Ship Chandler Italy

LIMANi Supply Group offers a wide range of deck, engine and cabin consumables as ship chandler Italy.

At LIMANi Supply Group we take pride in being an advanced ship chandler in Italy. We understand the importance of speed and timeless delivery, this is why we work with cutting-edge technology, fine-tuned logistic systems, and have a team of veterans in the maritime industry with more than 50 years of experience in ship supply.

Our refined and user friendly online portal & QR code system that allows order/shipment monitoring, controlling, and accurate live shipment updates. This online portal allows you to fully see where we are in the supply chain at every move, giving you more clarity and control over your orders.

As Ship Chandler Italy, LIMANi Supply always strives to take work from your desk and give customers peace of mind.


Quality Maritime Consumables


Delivery at 11 ports in Italy


One contact saves time!

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Supplied Vessels


Combination of consumables, provisions and spares to control the annual budget from owners and manager

The Limani Supply Group has just launched a value-added service in the Netherlands for the temporary storage, consolidation, and distribution of spare parts, postal packages, and other third-party supplies because efficiency is the watchword in our field of work. (Rotterdam warehouse locations)

If you place an order with us, and are looking for third party spares, we will handle and ship your third party spares in addition with your original order at no additional cost as ship chandler Italy. You will only pay a price per pallet, which includes handling, QR-coding, customs and storage.

LIMANi Supply Group truly is your one-stop shop ship chandler Italy.


Daily Transfers from NL to IT


Safe Costs on Agent fees


Free storage

Ship Chandler Europe
limani teams
Quick Customer Service

Quick Customer Service

Reach us from 08:00 – 20:00 every day of the week – even the weekends

24 Hours Quotation Guarantee

24 Hours Quotation Guarantee

Contact us at the bottom of this page and our team will respond with a quotation within 24 hours – guaranteed!

72 Hours Delivery Barcelona

72 Hours Delivery In The Italy

As ship chandler Italy, we can supply your ship in all ports within 3 working days

at your service!



Our advanced AI Software provides daily updates about your vessel prospects. Just login to your portal and see the latest information and updates about the delivery status of your orders.



We have 15.000 good quality Maritime articles from the shelve. This makes us fast and reliable. Our people are well trained to provide you solutions to all your technical and logistic queries.



We are more than just a Ship chandler Italy, we are your complete Supply Chain Partner! Our staff will fulfill all your logistics demands.

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From receiving raw materials to exporting finished products, the Italy’ ports on the North Sea are global gateways to reaching European markets. Its major ports are strategically located on open sea and at the mouths of three major European rivers, the Rhine, Maas, and Scheldt. This results in convenient opportunities for shipping needs by businesses operating within the Italy and further into the European Union.

According to the World Economic Forum, the Italy is the European leader in infrastructure with innovative and sustainable practices making expansion in the Italy a smart choice. The Dutch also have the highest ranking seaports in the EU in terms of efficiency.

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Full service ship chandler Italy


Customs arrangements


3rd party spares consolidation


Barge arrangements