Are you looking for a ship chandler who can quickly supply your ship in Port Lisbon? LIMANi Supply Group is your next one-stop shop in ship supplies.

LIMANi Supply Group is a European specialist in full-service ship supply. The group has been operating in ship supplies and logistics for 24+ years and has established powerful partnerships and local know-how in port Lisbon throughout the years, which allow us to always deliver on our promises, no matter the challenges as Ship Chandler Lisbon.

By offering redesigned logistics, high-quality products, and technical know-how to the shipping industry, LIMANi Supply Group has emerged as a pioneer in delivering unique order handling experiences. LIMANi Ship Chandler Lisbon strives to take all work from your desk.

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Quick Customer Service

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24 Hours Quotation Guarantee

24 Hours Quotation Guarantee

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LIMANi Supply Group offers a wide range of deck, engine and cabin consumables as ship chandler Lisbon. More then 15.000 different Maritime articles are currently stocked in strategically located distribution centers.

Along with strategically placed distribution centers close to major ports in Europe, LIMANi Supply Group is run by skilled veterans that have the skills and technical know-how to outsource any custom product locally as ship chandler Lisbon around our distribution centers.

LIMANi Supply Group is looking to the future without losing sight of the fundamental principles defining the maritime sector. For this reason, we are completely reinventing ship supply by integrating cutting-edge AI technology into our business to simplify all our systems as ship chandler Lisbon.

When you place an order with us, you gain access to our user-friendly web portal, which offers real-time vessel updates across the whole supply chain. View all of your quotes, the most recent vessel schedule, stage updates, packing information, and invoices in one location.

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We cover all major ports around Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Poland and United Kingdom.

LIMANi has been delivering as ship chandler Lisbon for 20+ years, establishing powerful and efficient partnerships along the way to ensure a smooth and timely delivery process.

In order to supply port Lisbon as quickly and effectively as possible, we are aware of how to best utilize our distribution network in Spain and make the most of our local know-how around port Lisbon.

Our team has all the logistical skills and abilities required to guarantee a reliable delivery process. To improve the speed of our process, we constantly work to strengthen our systems and partnerships as ship chandler Lisbon.

LIMANi Ship Chandler Lisbon for all needs and demanded products.


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Our advanced AI Software provides daily updates about your vessel prospects. Just login to your portal and see the latest information and updates about the delivery status of your orders.



We have 15.000 good quality Maritime articles from the shelve. This makes us fast and reliable. Our people are well trained to provide you solutions to all your technical and logistic queries.



We are more than just a Ship chandler Lisbon, we are your complete Supply Chain Partner! Our staff will furfill all your logistics demands.

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The Port of Lisbon (Porto de Lisboa) is the largest port in Portugal. It is located on the Tejo (Tagus) River estuary, and it is both a commercially and a tourist oriented venue. The port activities are carried out on the both banks of the river, but from a tourist point of view, what matters is all the recreational docks and cruise terminals are located on the north bank of the Tejo River.

The three cruise terminals are the Alcantra Cruise Terminal, the Santa Apolonia Cruise Terminal and the Jardim do Tobaco Quay, whereas the four recreational docks are the Alcantra Dock, the Belem Dock, the Bom Sucesso Dock and the Santo Amaro Dock. From any of these terminals and docks, tourists can get in virtually no time to the center of the city, either on foot or by bus, by tram, by taxi or even by train, given the port is accessible by road and by railway alike, as far as the land connections are concerned LIMANi ship chandler Lisbon has daily trucks around the port.

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